Project Flow & Management

Web Studios team works together with our client's team, which can vary from one to up to a dozen people

Every project we develop involves collaboration of anywhere from 5 to 20 participants. We assign our designers, programmers and marketing specialists coordinated by project manager from within Web Studios to work together with our client's team.

Project Tracking System
For each project we create a Project Schedule using our proprietary Project Tracking System (PTS) software, an online collaboration tool.

Each schedule has it’s participants, their roles, and tasks. The schedule for the project may include up to 500 tasks assigned to over a dozen developers. The screen we use for scheduling works similar to the Microsoft Project but includes application development specific features. The project schedule calculates deadlines, completion milestones and task assignment.

Development Project Lifecycle

The project task schedule can also be linked to for multiple projects included into the larger project -- if we're creating a multiple web project, each piece would represent a separate sub project with the shared tasks and individuals

The PTS interface has a place to assign a list of people assigned to work on the project. These people can be assigned as a team, or individually. People have pre-assigned roles that they perform, which set up in the system.

PTS has also time tracking, for the people to enter the time they spend on creating the order. They enter the role they're performing (writer, editor, etc.), and the task (meeting, draft, review, etc.). If a person does multiple tasks on an order, or repeats tasks (rework), each task is entered individually.

Quality Assurance & Automated Error Reporting

We conduct extensive quality assurance tests procedures on every project. The Quality Assurance includes usability and accessibility tests performed on multiple platforms and under various conditions.

The web site will have an error notification function which will email each error to a support group and programmers to investigate its reasons and clean the bugs or prevent users from repeating the error.

Development Project Lifecycle

Our creative development process enables our professionals to formulate and suggest multiple solutions for enlarging the entire scope and size of your company as well as your target audience.

Design Creatives

Designing Your Brand & Website

We will offer multiple creative solutions and comprehensive brand definitions. These valuable services not only define your brand's colors or fonts but also help you identify your true audience, isolate your core strengths, delineate and communicate your key message.


Installation of functional web components and custom programming

Upon creative approval, our developers complete the actual web graphics creation, Java and cascading style sheets programming and coding of the future website. Work-in-progress is available for viewing 24/7 during this time.

Content Posting & Launch

Content Posting & Launch

Our designers will work on your content to make it interesting and engaging before posting it on the newly developed website. We will conduct quality assurance, debugging, code integrity verification, proofing, and minor revisions before launch.

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